Archery War is simply a mix of paintball and tag while using Bow and Arrows. The Equipment is completely safe using only soft foam tipped arrows so you can enjoy your time without waking up the next day with little bruises all over your body.

$300 per hour for up to 16 People. Call us to book NOW!Ages12 and up.

I had never heard of Archery War Before Max’s and this is defiantly going to be the next big thing


  • Similar to Paintball, each team starts with an equal number of players.
  • After The game is started once you’re hit with an arrow you are out for that round.
  • The game is played until one team is completely knocked out or time elapses.
  • However, if a player was to catch an arrow not only would the shooter be out but another player from the catchers team would be allowed to rejoin play.

BEYOND FUN. That’s the best way to describe Archery war

With the Games, the facility will also have targets so you will be able to improve your shooting before and after games so you’re able to improve each game you play.

If Interested Please contact us at for bookings, birthday parties or corporate events.

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