Bubble Soccer is a sport that has come into popularity recently and we are pleased to offer it to you the customers of Max's. If you have never heard of the sport before here is a quick Summary

  • Imagine being able to run into your friends/family at full speed and come out with no bruises or bumps.
  • With Bubble Soccer and Bubble Games it allows participants to take part in activities without the worry of injury.
  • Now the actual fun part which is playing the games, which can include Soccer, Tag  and so much more.

$300 per hour for upto 16 People. Call us to book NOW!

We've always wanted to try bubble soccer but its hard to find Places that offer it, SO Happy that Max's does!

Now how do these work you may ask

  • Well the Balls themselves are an inflatable PVC material with holes and straps on the inside so you are able to be in them comfortably for long periods of time.
  • Along with the balls the games will be supervised by our staff so we are able to provide and environment that is extremely fun but is also safe.  
  • Each Bubble, when inflated, is extremely light but also has a tremendous amount of impact protection from the ground, or other competitors.

With a group of friends you cant beat Bubble Soccer

Here at Max's we are constantly striving to offer the best possible experience to our customer, and we as though Bubble Soccer is a great addition for you.

Bubble soccer is available for both individual bookings along with Birthday Parties and Corporate events 

Download our Bubble Soccer Information package and liability form

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